Saturday, May 20, 2017

A very special Before and After-A new baby's room

I arrived at my daughter's to help get ready for the new arrival. Fortunate to receive many items from others, the room was a holding tank for baby stuff. We removed everything from the room except the main furniture pieces and cleaned the space. Then put things into place based on need. A large double closet is perfect for storing things  not needed right away such as toddler toys, porta crib, baby support pillows. The room is small but we accommodated most items in the room. We cleared a dresser in an adjoining room for older clothes based on size. 6 month together, 12 month in the next drawer etc. As new clothing is acquired,  they can easily be organized. A small bookcase that my daughter had growing up, moved from the guest room while a tall secretary, given a new look by removing the doors on the top, took the place of the short bookcase. The style did not suit my daughter and husband and they were going to give it away. I am glad they did not as it is perfect in the guest room now and the books are much easier to access. Win Win for all. An unused touch control lamp is now a nice soft light for the room. The room is now ready for baby as are we!

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