Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Do it for the kids (or next generation)!

A recent job was to empty the home of an elderly person who passed away with no relatives close by. As in many cases such as this, as the person gets older and frailer, things begin to go by the wayside. The pictures below are after pictures of trash and paper recycling. In addition, I recycled two boxes of metal items and packed up numerous boxes of household items to be donated. The trash consisted of broken items that were never discarded, numerous plastic plant liners that could not be recycled, old packaging of items used and never discarded, and just stuff! 

It is important at any stage of our lives to continually purge items that are no longer useful for us. Just because it fits on a shelf does not mean one needs to keep it if it is no longer useful. 

Peter Walsh of organizing fame is quoted: "Each pile of clutter is a monument to a series of small procrastinations." How often do we say that we will do it later? 

Henry Ford quoted: "Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs".  Keeping up with clutter is easier than having to do a large job like the one below.

Whenever I meet with a group of people to discuss organizing tips, my favorite saying is the best gift to give your children (or whoever will take care of things when you are unable to do so) is to clean up your stuff.

Do it for the kids. 


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