Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Before and After-Sewing Room

This sewing space is a dream room for a quilter but had turned into a nightmare.  Beautiful ladder racks were filled with collectibles instead of practical storage. The large cabinet had lots of wasted storage space.  Stuff was never given a home, so it piled up. When organizing any space, ask yourself questions.

What is my vision for the space?
Will the items I am wanting to put into the space help with the vision I have?
Do I need the items? Keep only your favorites.
You can't fit 5 items in a space that only holds 3.

The newly-organized space utilizes the ladder racks for projects in bins. A few collectibles are intermixed. The cabinet is now utilized for storage and everything sitting out has a designated space. The biggest challenge for the newly organized is putting things back where they belong.
Do not put it down, put it away!                                                                       

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