Thursday, November 14, 2019

Gifts outside of the box-from the Heart for Children

It is time for my annual list of gifts that come from the heart and not always the mall.


Share the gift of time and experiences. 

Summer or sports camp registration

A season pass to the zoo/museum

Special one on one day with grandparents
              Sharing a hobby
              Manicure and lunch

Membership to the local YMCA

Coupon book for activities throughout the year: special one on one time, go out for ice cream, go bowling. The ideas are endless.

Indoor water park tickets

Music lessons

Magazines-We started with the Hello Baby magazine when the grandchildren were small and then age up appropriately. We are into Highlights now.

A box of dress-up clothes

Art supplies. Even pads of paper and new markers or tape. My grandsons spend hours creating with tape, paper, and markers.

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