Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Before and After- Garage

This was a typical garage where things got out of control because items were never given a designated space.  These clients have plenty of storage but it was not used efficiently.  Like before, we took everything out and started grouping like items together.

Fall decor was in three different cabinets and now one cabinet houses it all. That will simplify decorating.

Adjusting shelves to fit the items that one needs to store also helps maximize space. (Note second cabinet from the left.) If possible get adjustable shelving in any storage that you purchase.

Cleaning products are grouped together. It is important when buying bulk products to keep them together so you can always see what you have and when to buy more.

We also created a shelf to house power tools and misc. workshop items instead of having them on the workbench prohibiting a place to work.

The three cupboards on the right are filled with items that are needed for household chores.  It makes it easier to know where to look for items.

These clients are enjoying their space with items that are labeled and in order.

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