Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Before and After- Upper laundry cabinets

Two very nice size cabinets above the washer and dryer became a catch-all for items. The machines are front loaders which makes it more difficult to access the upper shelves without a step stool.

We began by pulling all of the items out of the cabinets and grouping like items. Once that was done, we assessed what was needed in the space and what could go elsewhere. Items needed infrequently are on the higher shelves while items needed often are on the bottom shelves.

I often try to use tubs and baskets the client owns if they can work in the space. If not, clear baskets with labels are helpful to know what is where
when needing something. Also utilizing a lazy susan in the laundry detergent area simplified access to different cleaning products especially in a space that is harder to access.

Which cabinet storage would make your life easier?

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