Friday, December 2, 2016

Gifts from the heart for children, teens and young parents

Share the gift of time
Special one on one day with grandparents
              Sharing a hobby
              Manicure and lunch
Summer or sports camp registration
Season pass to the zoo/museum
Membership to the local YMCA
Indoor water park tickets
Music lessons
Magazine subscriptions for little ones. My grandsons really enjoyed Hello Baby and now like High Five. Both from the Highlights for Children Magazine. Now that they are older they enjoy getting mail monthly.

Share the gift of one on one time by planning a special event
Tickets to a sporting event
Tickets to a concert
Spend a day cooking together
Movie or bowling passes
Cell phone gift card
iTunes gift card

Young parents:

Netflix subscription-don't forget the snacks
Coupon good for babysitting or a homemade dinner
State park sticker for the upcoming year
Coupon good for a few hours with household help
Season pass to the zoo
Date night in a basket-movie, wine, cheese

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