Friday, November 18, 2016

Gifts that come from the heart-not just from the store.

As the Christmas season shopping gets underway in gusto in a week I wanted to share my annual list of gifts for family and friends. Some of the most meaningful gifts are not purchased at the mall.


     · Health club or museum membership
     · Date night in a basket-movie, wine, cheese
     · Gift cards
                  Events -Ticket Master has gift cards
                  Local Events-plays or concerts
                  To supplement their hobbies - spices,  fabric, sports
                  Massage or spa treatment
                  Lessons for a special hobby-music, ceramics, dance
                  Garden Center
· Magazine subscription
· Baked good of the month certificate-homemade goodness all year long
· "Of the Month" gift-fruit, flowers, etc.
· Cooking lessons at a local cooking school-make it for two and go along
· Gifts of home made food - frozen so they can use it when needed
· Gift of food or drink: specialty coffees, wines, teas, chocolates, cheese
· Gifts of time-Plan a group activity
· Make a donation in honor of someone to their favorite charity
· Coupon for a free car wash/detailing-by yourself or a professional
· Think summer activity
· Plan activity from someone's Bucket List
· Special day with winery tour/s and lunch
· Electronic toll pass for the travelers
· Hunting/fishing license for the sportsman

· One or more sessions from a cleaning service

"Majestic Beauty Poinsettia" by Gretchen Hudock. A stained glass quilt.

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