Friday, August 12, 2016

Top Tip of the Month-Safe Battery Storage

Battery Storage
First thing is clear out any loose batteries -new or old- thrown in your junk drawer or elsewhere in your home. Especially 9 volt. There are documented instances of house fires started by metal in touch with the tops of 9 volt batteries. The best way to store batteries is in their original packaging. If they are loose, rubber band like batteries together, all in same direction, and store upright in a plastic container to keep from contact with other batteries. 

There are several ways to store 9 volt not in original packaging: Place a small piece of electrical tape over the top connections, place each battery in an old plastic film canister, or purchase a 9 volt battery storage unit at a local hardware store. I even keep my dead batteries rubber banded together until I take them to recycling. Check local guidelines for recycling batteries in your communities.
It only takes a few minutes to make your batteries (and home) safe.

Watch my post next week for cleaning out the rest of the junk drawer.

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