Friday, August 19, 2016

Before and After of the Month- Junk drawer no more

We all have them. Junk Drawers. The place to put everything that is such a small quantity that it does not deserve much space or that you do not want to put back in its correct spot. It does not have to be disorganized though. A few easy steps and you will be able to find everything easily the next time.

1. Remove everything from the drawer. Vacuum bottom of drawer.
2. Sort items into like piles. Group all rubber bands, paper clips, tapes, etc.
3. If you find items that belong elsewhere in the house, set them aside and return to proper home.
4. Use other containers to group like items together. Purchase interlocking organizing containers or use items you have around the house. Boxes, plastic leftover containers etc.
5. Place containers in drawer to fit. Odd items such as flashlight etc. can fit in between containers.
6. DO NOT STORE BATTERIES IN YOUR JUNK DRAWER. This is a fire hazard especially with 9 volt batteries.
See last week's post on battery safety.

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