Friday, December 18, 2015

Before and After of the Month-Warehouse Shopping Storage

Do you like warehouse shopping for groceries and other household goods? Prices can be better than conventional stores but the trade off is in quantity to bring home and store. Many invest in a storage rack as shown to hold the excess product. The problem comes when one has too much for the storage space and can't tell how much is left of a certain item and then buys more......Does that sound familiar?

Some helpful tips when storing warehouse shopping purchases. It is best to do this right away when putting things away.

1. If the items are encased in cardboard boxes, such as plastic bags or baking mixes, take the individual boxes out of the larger one. It is much easier to store the individual boxes.

2. If the items are encased in lighter weight cardboard, such as canned vegetables, leave them in the box IF it is a dispenser pack and it fits on your shelf. If cans will fall out when opened then take them out of the box and store on the shelves. Add a piece of cardboard between the stacked cans to stabilize the product.

3. If the items are wrapped in thin plastic, such as paper products, take them out of the outer wrapping and store individually.

4. Group like items together such as all soups, vegetables, paper products etc. with labels facing out for easy identification.

5. As with any possession, the product needs to fit the space you have or disorganization occurs when supply overtakes space. Watch what you have and buy when you are low on something so you can maintain the space.

Are there specific ways you store warehouse overstock?    Please share your ideas here for others.

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