Sunday, November 22, 2015

Top Tip of the Month-Gift Giving Simplified for Teachers

Image result for christmas free clipartThese ideas came from my many teacher friends. Thank you for all you do for the children!

Any gifts that can be used up!  As much as some feel that a gift card is impersonal, teachers really like them. This was a top pick of my teacher friends. To make it personal, include a heartfelt note of thanks to the teacher for teaching your children.
            Gift cards for teachers favorite store/s
            Movie passes
            Magazine subscriptions
            Items from the teacher’s wish list for classroom supplies (most teachers spend their own money on non budgeted items for the classroom)
            Cozy evening at home basket-favorite beverage and snacks in a basket
            Movie night at home basket with snacks and movie
            Manicure/ pedicure/hair salon gift certificate
            Do you know if a teacher likes to cook? Give an opportunity to take a cooking class. Do they love art? Membership to a museum would be an appropriate choice.

Give the gift of time. In a teacher’s case it would be to save them time.

            Easy to prepare meal in a basket or a ready made meal brought to school on a scheduled night to save the time of cooking a meal. Give them a personalized coupon that they can redeem at a future date. Have your child create the coupon.
            Christmas cookies to save the teacher the time of baking
            If allowed, bring a special lunch for the teacher and watch the students while the teacher has some alone time.

A couple of teachers did mention that they like to get Christmas ornaments or another collectible. It reminds them of students in the past. One writes the name and year on the ornament box so it helps them remember the student.

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