Friday, July 24, 2015

Enjoy the journey!

It is time to head to the basement or attic or garage and begin the process of seeing what is lurking in those areas. Your goal may be to put things back where they belong or, in contrast, do a complete overhaul. Getting organized does take some time but enjoy the journey while you work towards your goal.

When you have a task to accomplish make it as pleasant as possible. Some items need to be sorted in their location but if a box will take awhile to sort through-such as photos- take the box to a favorite spot in the house or porch. Listen to your favorite tunes and have your favorite beverage while sorting. The task will be more pleasant. If you have to stay in the basement, attic or garage you can still listen to your favorite music and have your favorite beverage. The soundtrack from American Graffiti was my go to music years ago when I worked on less than pleasant tasks.

What is your favorite music?

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