Friday, June 26, 2015

New Life for an Old Cabinet

After recently moving and literally touching and giving new locations to nearly everything we own, the phrase listed to the left takes on new meaning.

A dear friend gave me that sign and even though I have minimalist tendencies there are times in the new house that I think we could use an additional table or lamp or bookcase. That is when I begin looking around to see if I can repurpose something to "make it do".

One of my favorite repurposed items is the cabinet to the right.  My mom filled it with her cookbook collection. With thousands or recipes at my fingertips on the internet, my cookbook collection now fits in a basket. Removing the door and stripping off the old yellow paint gave the beginnings of a wonderful bookcase and display area. I left the interior alone as it had the marks from those cookbooks being taken in and out but changed the outside to a pleasant color to blend in with my new surroundings.

Before running to the store to purchase something new, look around and see if you can give a second life to something you have around the house. I am so glad I was able to "make it do".

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