Monday, November 25, 2013

Think outside of the (GIFT) box--FRIENDS WITH LIMITED MOBILITY

More gift ideas for Christmas that come from the heart-not from the store. Today's list is for our friends with limited mobility. Watch for further posts for different age groups. Tomorrow-Family and Friends

Gift of Time. This is so important to those who can't get out much. Take time for a visit to talk or take them to places that are special to them such as a library if they read or the botanical gardens if they love flowers.

Bird feeder and seed

"Forever" stamps

Plan a day to bring dinner and do odd jobs around the house.

Is there a car that has special memories from the past? Arrange for a car collector to take them for a ride in that car.

                                                           Invite them to your house to do seasonal baking/canning.

                                                           Plan an outing to see seasonal decorations or a parade.

                                                           Help them with seasonal decorating or chores.

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