Monday, March 11, 2013

SPRING is finally here!

We are at the end of SPRING Cleaning. Over the last few weeks we have done the following steps:

P-pare down
R-recycle, reuse, re purpose
I-identify locations for your sorted and pared down items
N-now is the time to find containers and label

The most important step is last and it really never gets done. How is that for a positive thought?
G-Gotta put things away

You have found space for all of the items you want to keep and containerized and labeled the items. Everything now has a home so when you are done using an item, put it back. It is as simple as that! If you take a few minutes when a task is finished to put things away, you will save a mountain of time in the long run which you can use whatever way you wish.

You will:
Save time, because you will be able to find things right where you put them.
Save money, because you will not have to buy something because you can't find it.
Save space, because you have cleaned out things you do not use and left space for those items important to you.

SPRING cleaning can be done any time of the year- not just in the spring. After going through the process, my clients all say they feel so much lighter and not weighed down by too much stuff. I hope you can enjoy that feeling too. Look at the before and after pictures on my website to see the difference in a disorganized vs. organized space.Which photo makes you feel better?

Professional organizers are ready to help you if your organizing job is too much for you to handle alone. Contact your local NAPO chapter. NAPO-National Association of Professional Organizers.

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