Sunday, February 10, 2013

Simple Steps to Sort Your Stuff

Are there items you know you should discard but are afraid to? Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you begin the process. These questions are for those items that are still in good condition. It is easy to discard things that are broken or no longer fixable.

ü Do I use it?

ü Do I like/love it?

ü Do I need it?

ü Will I use it again?- If you ever needed it again, is it practical to buy it again?

ü Do I have room for it?-only if you use it or like/love it.

ü If you do not use it and do not love it, you do not need it, so share it.

Boxes with labels will simplify the job. Look at an item, ask the questions, then place in the proper box. Suggested labels: Repair, Donate, Keep, Recycle, eBay, Trash.

Start with a box a day or 15 minutes a day. Listen to your favorite music. You did not accumulate in a day so you will not "unaccumulate" in a day. Reward yourself occasionally and keep up the good work. The end result is worth the effort.


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