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Reorganize today for an easier Christmas next year.

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While the memories of Christmas last year long, the decorations need to come down. By organizing them as items are put away, it will make it easier to use them next year. Do not rush out and buy containers yet to store things.  Just like any organizing project, figure out what needs to be stored and then figure out storage systems. The task is not so daunting when it is broken down into simple steps.
1. Separate items into categories.

2. Find storage containers for those categories.

3. Label containers.

The first thing is to look at all of your items, especially those that did not get out of the boxes this year. Do you still have a strong attachment to those decorations? Sentimentality is a large factor of Christmas but if you do not really love the item, it is time to share them with others who truly will love them. Set aside a box for donations as you begin the packing process.
Sort items into categories and pack similar items together so it will be easy to find all of the like items next year. Remember not to pack delicate items on the top or bottom of boxes.

1. Inside decorations: garland, greenery, lights, silk flowers, collectables
2. Outdoor decorations: garland, bows, lighting
3. Ornaments.
4. Greeting Cards.
5. Fabric related items. Towels, linens, wall decorations.
6. Dishes. Can they be stored on a shelf in the kitchen or dining room? If not, pack securely using some of your towels or linens to help cushion the breakables.
7. Wrapping paper, ribbons, tags, bows.
8. Artificial Christmas trees. Store in the original box or purchase a Christmas tree bag for storage.
9. Candles. Wrap each candle to avoid scratches. An old sock works.
10. Keep track of things needed for next year.

Storage Containers:

Once your items are sorted then look at storage options. Clear boxes make it easy to see the contents but cardboard boxes may be the thrifty way to go. Special boxes for ornaments are a great investment as they keep the ornaments separated or use layers of batting to separate your ornaments in a covered box.

 Label the boxes. A general name on the outside of the box and then a list inside with specifics.
Tips for specialty packing:

§         Fragile vs. non breakable. Egg cartons can be used for smaller items to protect them and keep them separate. Otherwise wrap the ornaments in soft cloth or even cocktail napkins that have gotten wrinkled. Ornament storage boxes are a great investment.

§         After Christmas enjoy an evening of looking at the Christmas cards again and then decide if they are to be kept or not. Check any address changes and add to your address book. Check with your local school or preschool to see if they like covers of cards for art projects. I will take off the cover-making sure there is not writing on the inside and then recycle the rest of the card if applicable. I do keep letters and photographs and group those with a rubber band in a box.

§         Use your fabric related items, such as towels, to wrap your collectables in a storage container. They will cushion the items from breaking while being stored at the same time.

§         If you always have specific decorations in a certain room such as a bedroom, store those items in that room on a closet shelf. It will save time moving it elsewhere and then moving it back again.



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